Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Allergy and Free From Show

Following on from the last post about gluten free cooking, yesterday we went to The Allergy and Free From Show to find ourselves some gluten free goodies. This was at Olympia in London so very easy to get to and jam packed full of stalls with products to help anyone with any allergy.
At the same time there was also the Just V Show and the Love Natural, Love Organic show so lots of interesting things to look at.
We were there just after it opened which meant we got to see quite a lot of it before it got really busy, by the time we left it was getting hard to move around.
But the best bit was that there were loads of food samples and many of them were gluten free, so 'im outdoors quite happily stuffed his face.  There was bread, sweets, burgers, sausages, biscuits, crisps, cake, donuts, energy bars, ice cream and much much more.  Its all very well seeing these products online, but until you've tried them you just don't know if they will be any good or not (gluten free seems to be very hit and miss).  This was our chance to try lots of products, some of which we were aware of, and see if they made the cut.
Some of these things we will end up buying.  I really liked the lentil crisps, and Asda's 'jammy dodger' type biscuits were pretty good but things like the cake mixes I think I can do better myself.
It was a really nice event to attend and although I'm not sure we'd go every year, I think its something you'd want to check out on a regular basis just to see what new things are coming out.

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