Saturday 1 August 2015


For the last 10 years or so I've had a tropical fish tank.  It was a little 60l tank, which over the years had seen many different occupants, including shrimp, a reed fish, neons, snails, a ruby shark, siamese fighters, loach and a large plec called Trevor.
Sadly Trevor passed away while we were away at Christmas and we started to discuss if maybe this was the time to change.  Maybe finish with fish and get something else or go completely pet free, but as I thought about it I realised that I really like the fish.  They are relaxing to watch (better than TV) and there is always something happening in the tank.  So we decided to upgrade.
Over the first May bank holiday weekend we set up the new 200l tank.  This one has a canister filter and LED lighting, which I hope means we can keep a planted tank along with some slightly bigger fish.

A couple of months later and you can see the difference.  The plants have all filled in, all the old fish have been moved over and some new one's added.  So far so good - I hope we can keep this one going for another 10 years.

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