Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A gluten free evening at River Cottage

Last year we visited River Cottage HQ to learn how to cook gluten free.  It was a great day, I had so much fun and learnt so much!  So when we heard that Naomi Devlin, who ran the course, was hosting a gluten free evening at our local River Cottage Canteen, we booked our seats.  We were not disappointed.

Sea salt crackers & roast carrot dip
We started by sharing sea salt crackers and roast carrot dip.  Nice but the crackers were a little hard.  Loved the roast carrot dip.

Buckwheat blinis with smoked beetroot & pickled ewes cheese 
Then the blinis with smoked beetroot and pickled ewes cheese.  This was so nice.  I am definitely going to try making blinis for 'im outdoors, they would make a great alternative to toast in the morning.

Persian spiced lamb with green tabbouleh, winter slaw & yoghurt
Then the spiced lamb and tabbouleh.  This was some of the best lamb I've had!  As you can see I nearly forgot to take a photo, diving straight in. The combination of flavours was perfect.

Honey poached pear, rose ice cream & wafer
And lastly the poached pear.  As 'im outdoors said he could have eaten a box of the wafers, they were so good.  The pear and rose ice cream was good, but I had to steal a fork from an empty table to stop the pear escaping!
It was a great evening, with really good food, but the best bit was not having to worry about if it was safe to eat or not.

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