Tuesday 29 March 2016

A Mohair Bear called Cyril

 A couple of weeks ago I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show.  It was a fab day out and I saw many things to inspire me, one of which was a bear making kit from Amazing Craft.  I love bears, as you'll know if you've seen any of my knitted bears, so the chance to make an old style mohair bear was too much to miss out on and I bought the kit.

A wet windy Easter weekend was the perfect time to put him together.  The kit comes with everything you'll need to make a bear, including a body part sheet which I had already photocopied onto card and cut out, and a really detailed instruction booklet, which went through everything including how to cut mohair.

Then it was just a case of carefully stitching all the bits together by hand, before putting together and stuffing.

I now have stiff, sore fingers, full of holes where I stabbed myself while stitching, and a new appreciation of the doctor who stitched my head back together after a car accident a couple of years ago - sewing round long hair is really hard!

But I am also the owner of a new little bear, called Cyril, who looks too good to have been made by me!  I love him, he has come out so well and he is totally worth the sore fingers, although I might now go back to the safer knitting and crochet for a bit to let them recover.

I'm not sure I can really explain how pleased I am with how Cyril came out.  I've dabbled with (hand) sewing since I was a little girl when I accidentally sewed things to my skirt (and bed covers)!  But I've never been really good, just good enough to sew on buttons etc.  So to manage to put together a whole bear that looks this good is pretty amazing.  Don't ask me to do it again, I'm not sure I can!

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