Thursday, 2 February 2017

Making a pair of trousers - part 3

At the end of last weeks session I bought myself some material to make my trousers out of (a perfect use of birthday money I think you'll agree).  Although a little nervous about it, with the encouragement of tutor Alison and the rest of the class, I went for some navy needle point cord and a pretty purple lining material.

Working out which way to cut things out
 Over the weekend I washed the material to make sure it wouldn't shrink later on.  I then started yesterdays class amending my pattern to fit better.  This meant taking off about an inch along the legs and a bit off the bum.  Because I am using cord for my trousers I had to have a think about how some of the parts should be cut out as the cord grain is very apparent.

And then came the nerve-wracking cutting out.  There were two issues here.  1. I was trying to keep the grain of my cord straight with the pattern, but it kept moving! And 2. I have to hope the new pattern sizing will fit!
But I am also really excited, because the material is beautiful and if the pattern does what it says it will they will be a lovely pair of trousers and I really can't wait to start putting them together (although not enough to try and do this outside of class!).

Best tip so far: don't unpin your pattern piece from your cut material until you need it, to help remind you what is what - especially helpful if there is a gap between cutting and making.

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