Sunday, 26 March 2017


As we packed for the move last year, I had a good clear out too.  I've found many forgotten things including a couple of bags I made years ago.

 This first one was made from a couple of skirts which I didn't want any more (one I had melted a little with an iron!).  I loved the colour combination and deliberately wanted to show the blue lining on the seams.

I used the material you normally find in the top part of curtains to keep them from drooping to give the handle some stability.  Its not a bad bag, but I'd rather have a strap of some sort so I can keep my hands free.

The second was made from a pair of jeans bought cheap in a charity shop (the girl serving gave me a funny look buying size 8 jeans which I obviously couldn't fit in).  The lining from my mums material stash.

A very simple bag to make, I just wish I'd made the handles a bit thicker as they don't feel substantial enough for the rest of the bag. 

A little ladybird button just finishes it off - a bug in all those flowers.  
I do love making my own things like this.  Then you know you are getting what you want - I can never find things I want if I go looking in the shops.

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