Sunday, 11 January 2009

Star Book

For Christmas I was given ‘The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books’ by Gabrielle Fox. This book it full of step by step projects, and is very well put together, but although I found it interesting, it doesn’t quite go far enough. I’d hoped that it would have different kinds of stitching and other things that I’m unaware of at the moment. But it didn’t.
Her books seem to be more of the ‘Artist books’ – where the book itself is a work of art, rather than books that look good, but still have functionally, which is my aim. I think 'The Essential Guide' will be good inspiration on how to look at making books in a different way, but I’ll need something else for the technical details that I’m looking for.
I have made her Star Book (above), which has no stitching at all, being an accordion book, which was interesting and gives a fun finish - not sure what you'd write in it though.

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