Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Words Just Flow Out - part 2

This time last week I was reporting on the fact that I’d written a 3 page short story in pretty much one go. Looking at it again I don’t think it’s so bad. So I spent Thursday evening working on it – moved some thing’s about and gave it an ending, and I think I have myself a story.
So much so, that I’m going to send if off to the Mslexia short story competition.

If only writing was always this easy. I mean it might not be that good, but there is satisfaction in finishing a story and have it come out close to how you thought it would. In fact I wouldn’t mind if it deviated, as long as I managed to finish it. I must have a pile of stories that I’ve tried to write, but just don’t have the skills to finish, and each one dents the confidence. To finish one and like it, and I do like this one, is great. And even if it doesn’t win a prize and is never published it helps me work on the next one which, if I’m left with only the pile of unfinished stories I might not even attempt.

Guess I better start working on the Writers Group homework now.

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