Monday, 5 January 2009

Words Just Flow Out

I’ve just done something I don’t remember ever doing before. I’ve just written 1,299 words or 3 pages of a short story in one go, with the story only occurring to me in the car as I drove home. It felt easy and so good, although I’m sure that when I read back tomorrow what I wrote today it won’t seem that great. But I think it has potential so I’m kind of looking forward to seeing.
I think I have to blame Stephen King and his latest book ‘Just After Sunset’, which is a collect of short stories. Some of his best I think. I’ve nearly finished it, and have really enjoyed it although some of them are pretty sad, rather than scary.
Isn’t it weird, I was just thinking I really should do some more writing, I haven’t finished a short in months, when ‘pop’ in comes this idea.
I’ll tell you more when I’ve had another look tomorrow.

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