Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bob Godfrey - animator

Last night we went to a talk at our local library about Bob Godfrey.  You might not recognize the name but if you are my age or older you will probably recognize his work.  Do you know Roobarb or Henry's cat?  Then you know Bob Godfrey.
James Walker gave the talk based on a collection in the UCA archive and although I might not have known many of the people he was talking about - mostly animators and actors etc form 1960's and 70's, it was really interesting.
I really love to hear about how other artists, from any medium, work, and how they got started etc.  It makes me feel more connected; maybe that's why I'm enjoying twitter so much - following all those arty people.  Doing creative things can be quite lonely so it is really nice to be able to see what others are doing - part of the joy of the monthly writers group maybe.  And maybe something you see or hear will spark some new thing for you, push you in a new direction, get you thinking.

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