Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wedding flowers

With Christmas out of the way and the start of a new year, I don't really have an excuses for not thinking about the wedding anymore.
So to start I've been thinking about flowers.  I love flowers but think they normally look best while still attached to the plant they grew on.  I also hate the idea of the amount of money and resources used to grow and then deliver a bunch of flowers from some far flung land just for one day here.
So I have two choices, I can either grow my own or I can make some.  As I have plenty of time, and I love playing with paper, I thought I'd start by making some.  I came across Lia Griffith's DIY Paper Roses and just had to have a go.  They are pretty simple but look great - especially in a group.  Plus they won't care if its hot and I can keep them for as long as I want after the wedding.
I've seen other designs too and will be having a go at as many as I can, until I find the perfect bouquet.

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