Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sketch books

When I was in the 6th Form doing A-Levels I spent most of my time with an A3 sketch book under one arm.  This was useful for deflecting lower school students when walking round to classes and for sitting on when the sun came out but the grass was still a bit wet.
Of course it was also useful for keeping arty stuff in too.
When I went to Art College I also had an A3 sketch book, this was full of drawing exercises and experiments.
As soon as I finished there the sketch books stopped and went into the loft, where I recently found them again.  So interesting to look through them.

Later I did some creative writing and on all three modules we were encouraged to keep a writing note pad, to jot down ideas and thoughts that might be useful later.  This is something that I've continued to do, although I've found that once an idea is written down I stop thinking about it and so never write the story.  Best to keep the really good ideas in my head for a bit.

Then last year I did a design module and we were encouraged to keep a sketch book again.  I had one but didn't really use it to its full potential.  It was a half hearted sketch book.

But now a year later I have bought myself a new sketch book, just a small A5 one, and some nice pens and I'm starting to jot down ideas and things that inspire me.  It is after all one thing to think about making paper and making books and creating 'art' and actually doing it. I hope that I can keep it up and find it useful.

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