Saturday, 8 December 2018

A Little Leather Jewellery Bag

I've started working in Bournemouth now, which means I tend to drive down there and then go for a run, meaning I miss some of the traffic later on.  It also means I have a shower at the office.  The only problem I've found with this is how to take my jewellery with me?

It's very easy to loose a pair of ear rings or necklace if you are not super careful so I decided to make myself a little bag that everything can go in and travel safely to work with me.  In the end I used an off cut of chamois leather which is beautifully soft on the inside but pretty tough.  And I made a little pocket so necklace can go one side and ear rings the other.
The only problem so far is that Milo things it smells divine and keeps trying to steal it to chew.

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