Sunday, 2 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 9

This week I started the Festive Baking section by attempted to make an Orange Marzipan Cake and Cranberry-mince Shortcake.  While the Shortcake came out very well and is tasty if a little soft, the Marzipan Cake didn't go so well.  
I thought it was cooked ok and bought it out to cool.  Once cooled I tried to turn it out, however it had over ideas and the soft middle which was still pretty warm pored out and the rest of it stayed in the tin.
Part of the problem was that the biscuity base and marzipan had welded themselves to the tin and I had to chip them out with a knife! 
So I ended up with a hollow sponge piece and then a chewy bottom.  It actually tastes really nice so its a shame it didn't come out right.  I guess next time I could butter the tin better or actually line the sides with paper. 
Considering how many cakes I make, I can't really be upset when one goes this wrong - it doesn't happen very often.

Orange Marzipan Cake: This was so nice, just the wrong shape.  Think I will have to attempt this again to see what it's like in correct cake form.  Didn't last the week because 'im outdoors ate it all!

Cranberry-mince Shortcake: Ok, but a bit soft. Couldn't be eaten without a plate.  Lasted the week ok.

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