Sunday, 9 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 10

This week I made a Christmas Cake and some Date Madeleines.  The date madelines aren't in the festive section but I wanted something a little lighter to go with the cake.  I could have made mince pies, but making gluten free pastry is hard and although I've got a very good GF recipe the whole point of mince pies is the pastry and they would just be disappointing.

They were both pretty simple to make and came out well, although the christmas cake did stick to the wire cooling rack and I thought it was going to break up when I tried to move it.  So far 'im outdoors seems happy, lets see what he thinks at the end of the week.

Christmas Cake: Much like a Christmas cake really.  Lasted the week well and 'im outdoors liked it.  A bit too heavy for me. 

Date Madeleines: Think I prefer madeleines without the dates.  Still tasted nice but didn't last very well.  'im outdoors didn't mind finishing them off.

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