Saturday, 9 May 2020

Virtual Running - part 3

On 5th May I completed my second virtual running challenge - running the length of the River Severn - 220 miles.
It would have taken me 2 months, if I hadn't had a couple of weeks where I had to take my laptop home with me every day in case we went into lockdown. (My laptop is a brick and I don't want to run with it!)
However now we are in lockdown I've had some really lovely early morning runs where I've seen the sun come up, listened to bird song and hardly seen a soul.  So different from the busy smelly runs across London from the start of the year.
I started this challenge on March 1st.  In March I ran 87.5 miles.  In April I ran 116.06 miles and then I made the total up in May with 16.44 miles.
Although I do love running and find it very beneficial, having the virtual challenges has helped me to stay motivated, especially on those days then it's all so overwhelming but a run will do me good. 
The only thing that I felt was missing from the challenge was an actual map of the River Severn broken down into miles that I could have ticked off as I ran.
So on to my next challenge 277 miles 'along' the Grand Canyon.

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