Thursday, 9 February 2017

Making a pair of trousers - part 4

Today we started to make our real trousers.  First thing to do - make the front pockets.  I started by edging two pocket pieces before attaching them to the lining.  I then attaching the pocket to the trouser leg before using a french seam to edge the bottom of the pocket and attached the back of the pocket to the trouser leg.  Repeat.

It took ages as I was being super careful but now I wonder if I will be able to finish them in the two evenings left.  I still have back pockets to make which are far worse than these and a fly zip to fit which I'm sure will be a pain.

However the two finished pockets do look good, with the cord all flowing in the same direction, so that's a good start and I am really pleased.  Of course I finished the evening covered in bits of blue fluff, which seems to be the main issue with using cord.
The urge to rush is very strong, but I know that is when I will mess it up, so I am trying very hard to stay slow and steady.  I have high hopes for these trousers!

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