Thursday, 23 February 2017

Making a pair of trousers - part 6

This weeks session was my last.  6 weeks has gone so fast and I have learnt so much.  I knew I wouldn't finish my trousers this week, but I got a lot closer than I thought I would.  It helped that over the weekend I sewed up my side seams.  This meant I could also try them on for the first time, which put my mind at rest - they are a great fit.

This week was all about the waist band for me.  I had to sew my lining to my trouser material, then sew the whole thing to my trousers.  To make fitting easier this pattern leaves the back seam to the very end, meaning I could try them on and have it fitted to me.  This bit will be harder in the future!

With the back seam sewn up and the waist band finished it was just a case of finishing off.  In this case adding a button hole - which once again my sewing machine surprised me with how easy it is to make one, and then hemming them.  Adding a button and finishing off the hems is all that is left to do.

I have really enjoyed this course.  Alison our tutor was so kind and knowledgeable, always ready to answer my beginner questions.  I can hardly believe that I have made a pair of trousers!  I will finish them off this weekend and post photos of the finished item.

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