Thursday, 16 February 2017

Making a pair of trousers - part 5

I can't believe this is week 5 already!  Knowing that time is starting to run out I did a little bit of homework before the class this week.  This included adding some darts and preparing for the back pockets.

In the end I only added one back pocket during the class, as I wanted to get the fly done too.  I still have the option to add the second back pocket over the weekend if I want to.  With the inside seam done and the two legs attached to each other, they are really looking like a pair of trousers now!

I also had two brand new experiences this week.  I used the scary overlocker and I used the zipper foot on my sewing machine!  
The overlocker is used on the raw edge of material to stop it fraying. It has a cutting tool which cuts as you sew and then something like 4 needles to do the sewing.  Its a pretty scary machine, but the end results are really good.

The overlocker

What the overlocker does

I love my sewing machine.  It does everything I want.  When I bought it I deliberately bought one with a zipper foot, but as it didn't come with instructions and I've never needed it I had no idea how to use it.  To swap the foot I was expecting a screw or something, but no!  Its just a little button and the foot just drops off, it was sooooo easy! 

So now I have a nearly pair of trousers with two front pockets, a back pocket and a fly.  All that is left to do is add another back pocket if desired, sew up the outside legs, add the waist bands and hem the bottom of the legs.  Easy!
I think I will need to do a little bit more homework this weekend if I want to finish them at next weeks class.

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