Tuesday 26 April 2011

Star Stamp

Ever since I saw the stamp making tutorial on Geninne’s blog I’ve been wanting to have a go myself.  I bought all the stuff to do it then couldn’t think of a design to make.  But then we went to Egypt and I fell in love with their star designs.  Very simple but obviously stars.  So for my first stamp I’ve made a simple Egyptian style star.  I’d like to expand on this but that will take a little bit of practice, it’s not as easy as Geninne makes it look.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

The Writer’s Idea Book

We had the monthly creative writers group meeting today.  A week earlier than normal due to Easter, but I still had something to read out.  It’s a short piece which can stand alone but could also be worked on further and I’m pleased with it so far. 

What is more pleasing is the fact that I’ve been coming up with regular ideas in the last few months which I have been able to write down as short pieces even if I still need to go back and edit them.  A break at this point, before editing, normally improves things I’ve found.
But because I’ve been feeling inspired I’ve not had to use ‘The Writer’s Idea Book’ by Jack Heffron which was given to me as a birthday present at the beginning of the year.  I’ve had a flick through and it looks very interesting but with my time being filled with reading and essays for the Children’s Literature course it’ll have to wait a little longer before I give it a proper read.

I did however borrow one of his prompts for today’s group homework:
Put a character in a place where he doesn’t speak the native language.  Explore the problems this barrier creates.