Sunday 23 October 2022

Pink Memories Jumper in Pink

 Last year I knitted myself the Pink Memories Jumper, in silver.

It's a great jumper, but once I got over the fact that it actually fitted I realised that it could be a little smaller and still fit (and maybe not keep catching on cupboard handles when I walk past).


The pattern is pretty straight forward so I got myself some pink wool - Stylecraft Special DK again, and got knitting, just dropping down to the small sizing.


But then it seemed to just take ages to knit as life constantly got in the way, but I finally finished it this week.  

It's still a great jumper but this time its a bit more fitted and looks really pretty in the pink.


Another happy knitted thing to add to my collection.

Sunday 9 October 2022

Slow Way - Horpet

 Today I went out for another Slow Way run.  I'm not sure how many more of these I'll be able to do before it's too muddy.

I had wanted to do this last week, but although mild it was raining hard all morning which makes map reading much harder.  But today was a chilly sunny morning, just perfect for a long run.


'im outdoors dropped me off in Horndean, then there was nothing for it but to run home.  Most of this run was in the South Downs National Park so there was a lot of rolling chalk hills with loose flints scattered around waiting to turn your ankle.

Although this is one of the shortist Slow Ways in this area, I'd been putting it off.  I knew it would be hilly and it goes through Queen Elizabeth Country Park which I always find a little hard to navigate and it doesn't actually go all the way home.  But today I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did.


This was a lovely run.  Ok so the sunshine might have helped, but it was good.  There were a few bits that weren't so great - like running through nettles and some of the down hill sections were a little scary for running, but this was totally outweigh by running over the tops of hills with amazing views and larks singing and larking around at head hight.

The best bit was stopping to watch a kingfisher fish in the village pond at Buriton. 

The hilly bits weren't really that bad - I've run worse back home, and QECP was all on clearly marked trails so I didn't get lost once!


This is an exposed route in places so I wouldn't want to do it in heavy rain or if it was very hot, but on a sunny October morning it was lovely.

However, it didn't get it me home, only to the nearest town.  I could have asked for a lift home or caught the train, but instead I carried on running making it into a 3 hour run!  I was pretty tired by the end, but it was great to find I could do it.

Also I think I've finally started to get my head round the navigating with a map thing.  I don't need to memorise the whole route, just the next bit and what my catchment is (what thing means I've gone too far).  I really think this is why I didn't get lost or go wrong today.


Not sure when my next one will be, but there definitely will be more.