Sunday 28 February 2016


I love taking photos.  I've just bought a new phone and the photo quality is really amazing! But you can't really do anything except take exactly what you see in front of you.  So when I saw this set of phone lenses on the Photojojo! website, I couldn't resist.  To be honest they had a lot of things I really liked, but I settled just for these guys.

Super fisheye lens
Telephoto lens
The set includes a fisheye lens, super fisheye lens, telephoto x2 lens, polarzier lens, and a wideangle/macro lens.  Basically you stick a metal ring to your phone, round its camera, and the lenses use magnets to stick to the ring.  It uses the same magnet to stick a cover to the back of the lens (when not in use), while the front of the lens has a rubber cover, keeping it nice and safe.  

They do look a bit funny stuck to you phone, like a huge growth (in the case of the super fisheye).  But how did they get on when I tried them out?

Normal photo using my phone
Photo using new macro lens
The macro lens was pretty impressive.  But you do have to get really close to the thing you're taking a photo of and it is really hard to keep it steady.

Normal photo using my phone
Photo using new super fisheye lens
Photo using new fisheye lens
I love the fisheye lenses.  I can imagine on a lovely sunny day or in the right place they will really come into their own.

Photo using new telephoto 2x lens
I was really impressed with the zoom on the telephoto lens.  Might be pretty good if I want to take photos of birds and animals without getting too close.

Photo using new wideangle lens
I think the wideangle needs a landscape for it to really do its stuff.  I'd like to see what it does at the beach.

Photo using new polarzier lens
The polarzier lens is maybe the one I'm most excited about.  Of course February isn't going to help this lens do it's best.  Need to wait for a really sunny day and see what it can do.

I really can't wait for it to warm up a bit so I can get out and have a proper play.  And I'm already thinking about making them a case of some sort to keep them safe.  Something that can keep them as a set, but allow them to be used individually if needed too.

Monday 15 February 2016

Knitted Heart

I took a short break from my woolly mammoth (thanks Katie) of a project to knit a simple heart.  It's for the man I love and was a really easy pattern to follow, found on the Julie and the Knits site.  She suggests you use them as coasters, which gives you an idea of how big it is but I have a different use for it in mind.
The woolly mammoth is coming on, but it's a slow business.  I've never knitted anything so big!  It's getting quite unwieldily now.  I hope it is worth the effort.