Saturday 25 April 2020

Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet

Following on from last months Kumihimo braiding I had a go at adding beads!
It's a bit fiddly and threading all the beads before you start does seem to take forever, especially if they keep escaping and you have to find them off the floor before re-threading them!

But the end result is amazing!  It feels very organic, much more flexible than the braided cords I made first.  I want to touch it and play with it, rather than just wear it.
My first attempt was ok, but something went wrong when I got distracted by escaping beads, again, and I ended up undoing it and starting again.
After a search to find out how to stop the beads coming off my threads, I found a helpful lady on YouTube who suggested using bigger beads as stoppers, which worked perfectly.

So my second attempt went really well and I am so pleased with it.  The only issue being it's a little too big for me and just slides off my wrist.  

Still as a piece of jewellery its lovely and I am excited to make more.  The possibility's are endless!

Saturday 18 April 2020

Five point origami star garland

Last Christmas I came across a tutorial to make a five point origami star garland.  It looked so pretty and would be a lovely addition to the Christmas decorations, however what with work and being ill and all the family stuff I never had the chance to actually make it.

Front of a star
Finally with a week off over Easter and nowhere to go, I had time to give it a go.
I followed this brilliant tutorial, first learning how to make my square origami paper into a pentagon and then how to fold it into a star.  Once I understood how to do it, it was really easy and I soon had a good pile of stars ready to make into a garland.

Back of a star
The hardest part was getting the garland to hang right - too much thread and the stars all slide down to the middle and too little and they sit against the wall and don't move. 

The garland looks good now, but took nearly as long to get right as to make all the stars! So now I can't decide if I should pack it away with the Christmas stuff ready for December or leave it up.
I'd love to have a go at making them with bigger or smaller paper and see how far I can take it.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Rainbows and Stars

There has been an explosion of rainbows in windows all round the village.  Not really wanting to make a rainbow but wanting to join in, I made some new paper sun catchers to put in our front windows.  

The biggest is a rainbow star, so nearly right!
They were fun and quick to make and make a nice decoration to match the rest of the street.

Sunday 5 April 2020

Snowflake placemat

Last year I made 2 knitted coasters.  This week I finally had time to try making a matching placemat.
It came out really well, so I've already cast on the next one.  I want to make a whole set and while I don't have a deadline to work to, I'd really like the set completed this year.

While I have to concentrate when doing the pattern the rest goes well with a podcast, seeing as I can't listen to them while I commute right now.