Monday 25 November 2013

Hobbycraft - a treasure trove?

Yesterday we went to Hobbycraft.  It was my first ever visit and I was blown away by it.

All my life I have spent collecting materials for making stuff; sometimes out of the bin – cereal boxes or paper that’s only been printed on one side; or from one of my dad’s sheds; or from wonderful tiny art shops where everything you could think of is crammed into this tiny space; or while I was at art college from the old department store across the road from the college who had a great haberdashery department; or even from somewhere like B&Q.

Every project has needed a plan just to get the materials, especially as the wonderful art shops are closing down and I’ve moved to a different location.  So to walk into one big store and find pretty much everything I’ve ever dreamed of and a bunch more is amazing and in away a little scary.

I love those little art shops, you know the one’s where you have to be careful when you turn round that you don’t wipe out a whole display, but they are definitely on the decline and with a store like Hobbycraft around I suddenly understand why. 

So I have mixed feelings about it.  Part of me is amazed at all the wonderful things on offer and I’d happily go back and spend another couple of hours looking round, while on the other hand I would rather spend my money in one of those little shops in the hope that they will continue to exist for a bit longer.  The problem is with the items that the little art shops just don’t have the room to stock.  Where else could I have got the length of balsa wood or the star cutting stamp that we picked up yesterday except maybe the internet?

I think I will have to add it to my list of possible suppliers but just make sure I start with the tiny independent shops first.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Novembers Writers group

Where has November gone?  I turn my back for 1 minute and suddenly realise I haven't blogged for weeks!

Today was the November writers group meeting.  Last months homework gave us a selection of stories about what we think the best things in life are; and my favorite was the description of a wood.  Sounds simple but she had really captured a wood in autumn, with all that colour and rain.  I could see it all quite plainly.
Of course I had nothing to read out myself.

This months homework could be Christmasy, or not, depending on how you feel.  I really will try and do this one.
Grandmother pulled the tray of gingerbread men from the oven and...

Saturday 2 November 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Its that time of year again where I pack a box of goodys for Operation Christmas Child.  These boxes go out all over the world to give a child, who would normally get nothing, a gift at Christmas.  I love this idea much more than just giving money.  I know that some little girl somewhere is going to be given my box and find inside a lovely soft teddy, all sorts of art supplies and a nice warm hat, amongst other things.  Maybe she won't like all of it, but maybe she'll be able to swap some of it with someone else, or share it with another child.  I just hope that she will realise that while I can't do much, I do care.
If you want to make yours the deadline isn't until 18 Nov.