Friday 13 July 2012

New bike

As I’ve been getting fitter and reading more about the things we can do to make our environment a better place to live, I’ve started to think about buying a bike.
On the top of the list of things we should do is ‘get rid out your car’ which does make sense to me and I’d be willing to do if it wasn’t so darn useful.  If I lived in London for instance I’d be more than happy to ditch my car, but living out in the sticks makes it just that little bit harder to convince myself that I can live without it.  Going to see my parents would be out as they have no public transport to speak of, getting to work would take a little longer (but not by much unless you include the walking at both ends) but would cost quite a bit more along with a change half way through.  Seeing my friends would be more difficult.
But do I really need my car if I’m just popping into town to visit the library? 
And the answer to that is not really.  And this is where the idea of a bike really is attractive, 30 minutes walk both ways is just that little bit too much, but easily half that on a bike.
So meet my new bike.  A Land Rover hybrid; I’m hoping we can go on many adventures together and not just to the library.  And it looks like I might have encouraged ‘im outdoors to dust his old bike off and join me.  I can’t wait to find out where we’ll end up.