Saturday 16 April 2016

Frida's Flower Blanket part 1

Two weeks ago I downloaded the first pattern for the Janie Crow crochet along with some trepidation.  I'm still learning how to read crochet patterns and still feel like a bit of a beginner so wasn't sure what I was getting into.
A design layout shows you exactly what you need to make and where it will go

It started well when I visited the site to download the pattern and had a choice of UK or US terminology. (I prefer US and wasn't sure if I'd have to translate my pattern before I started.)  And when I started reading the pattern it was beautifully laid out, easy to read, with lots of photos.

So here are my first set of 'squares' all ready so I can download the second part of the pattern next week.  I know that they will get harder as we go, but I also feel I can trust the patterns after this first set.  I'm looking forward to learning a whole bunch and can't wait to see the finished blanket.

Half 'squares' for the edge

Sunday 10 April 2016

Another beady necklace

I was having a tidy up last week when I came across these beads.  I'd totally forgotten I had them, I'm not even sure where I got them from.  All I know is they are wood and they feel lovely, so I strung them up into a necklace.

Seeing as I am now running to the office from Waterloo (and back) most days I need some necklaces that can be left in the office.  I think this one will be perfect.  A necklace that I really like and will go with most outfits.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Frida's Flower Blanket

A while ago I came across a photo of a flowery blanket on Twitter.  I loved the colours and how the flowers stood out from the blanket.  I think knitting will always be my favourite but I do love the extra things you can do with crochet like a flower which sticks out (see my first attempt above).
Later I found out the blanket I had seen was Janie Crows latest design and I was lucky enough to see it in the flesh at the Knitting and Stitching Show.  Wow I wanted it, but it said 'not for beginners' and I still feel like a beginner although I've been crocheting for nearly a year now.  But then a couple of weeks ago I tried making the square above with a flower in and it worked and it looks nice and maybe I'm not a beginner any more.

Frida's Flower Blanket in the flesh
So I decided to get the kit and see.  It is actually a 'crochet along', which means the pattern for each bit are released in 8 fortnightly instalments over 4 months, with the first one out today.  I've got my pack of wool and all my tools, now I just need to have a go.  Wish me luck!