Saturday 30 March 2013

Save a t-shirt

Every spring, even if it doesn't feel like spring, I like to take some time out and have a bit of a spring clean.  In this case going through my wardrobe, and sending the stuff I don't want any more to the charity shop.
But I have a better destination for an old t-shirt this time - I'm sending it on to 'do the green thing' who save unwanted t-shirts (they also rescue single gloves matching them up with other single gloves).  The 'saved' t-shirts are then sold helping the green thing to continue its great work.  I love this idea.  We should be happier to reuse things rather than just chucking them away.

Monday 25 March 2013

Where does all your stuff come from?

As part of the 4th block in Lola we are looking at design at a global level.  One of the exercises I found really eye opening and I think everyone could benefit from doing this too.
First we were asked to start by looking at the food we bought/used this week and if we can see where it came from add it to a world map (I used the map in the study and some post-it notes, but others used google).  Most of our food came from Europe, mostly the UK, Belgium or Italy.
Then we were asked to look at our clothing and add these items to the world map.  My clothing comes from a wider range of places, my jeans from Egypt, a hooded top from Morocco but most of my running kit came from China, which I found surprising.
Lastly we were asked to look at other items in our houses to see where they came from.  Most of the things I looked at were of an electronic nature and came from Asia and most of it from China.
As a consumer I knew that a lot of things I buy come from China, and it frustrates me that I have no choice with a lot of items of getting them from anywhere else, but I didn't realise quite how much stuff does come from there.  I should point out that I have no problem with China, what I have a problem with is just how far each of those items has to come before I even start using it.  In an ideal world I would love to buy everything I need from the community that surrounds me.
So why not have a go and see where all your stuff comes from.  You might be surprised too.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

March writer's group

A small turn out this month, but no means diminished. With stories of the past it was a real eye opener.
I promise I will use my holiday over Easter to finish my story for the next meeting!

Homework: Think back over your life and list the important decisions – A level choice, a marriage proposal, refusing a job opportunity etc. Choose just one of these crossroads and write a story or poem inspired by what might have happened.  (borrowed from Mslexia)

Friday 15 March 2013

A flock of tiny bikes

For my third assignment for Lola we've designed a board game.  I've never really been much of a board game player so I've found the process fascinating.  What was particularly fun was creating the playing pieces. In the module they showed us how to make very simple figures (see above) and I used the same process to create the playing pieces for my first prototype game.  They were a bit too big for the second prototype and one of the graphic designers at work suggested a way to make them that would allow them to be smaller.  So now I have a flock of tiny bicycles.  They are so cute.  

Sunday 3 March 2013

Last of the day schools

Yesterday I had my last Day school/tutorial for Lola.  But it was more than that, assuming I pass this course, it was also my last day school/tutorial for my degree.  This is quite a scary thought.  Suddenly the end is sight, even though I still have 3 months to go, and 7 years of study is very close to ending.
Part of me is over joyed.  When I started I was not intending to complete a degree, just take a short creative writing course.  These have been 7 long years and I am really looking forward to having my spare time all to myself again.  
But at the same time I am sad.  I have found the last 7 years really interesting, if hard work at times, and I have learnt A LOT.  The OU is a lovely place to study and I’ll miss the community.  And in a way all that spare time is a little scary.  With no deadlines to work towards what will keep me motivated and off the sofa?  
I’m sure I’ll find something to do.  I guess I need to complete my last 3 months first before I get too worried.