Friday 20 April 2012

A new perspective

Last weekend, much to my surprise, I ran 4 whole miles.
I shouldn’t really be surprised; I did after all set out to run 4 miles.  But it had taken me a good six months to run a whole 3 miles (about 5km) and this was only my second attempt to run 4.  Not only did I manage to run all of it, including the steepest hill I’ve ever seen, but I also managed it in just under 39 mins.  As you can imagine I’m very pleased with myself, even if my knees are starting to question my sanity.

I think a lot of this is to do with belief.  I never believe I would be able to run; never mind 4 miles.  So every time I tried to run the 3 miles my brain would tell me that I couldn’t run the whole thing, I’d have to walk some of it, even though my breathing and my legs were fine.
With the 4 miles I was doing fine, but coming to my second smaller hill and thinking how I’d never make it, I should walk now, when I came across a little boy ‘running’ with his dad.  I ran past them and then thought ‘I can’t stop’ at least not while they could see me.  By the time I was out of sight I was back on the flat and suddenly realised that there was no reason why I shouldn’t run the whole thing.  So I did.

Good luck to everyone running the London Marathon this weekend.  For the first time in my life I am starting to see why you do it.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

April Writers Group

Today the Writers Group met.  No prize for guessing that once again I had nothing to read out.  But this week I really should have had something, even if it wasn't related to the homework.  
I've spent my Easter break doing all sorts of things and feeling really inspired but I never got past this feeling to an idea to write about.  I find this happens quite often and is really frustrating.  I find myself buzzing with 'inspiration' but can't find the outlet, whether it be a story or drawing or just making something.  It feels like there are hundreds of ideas in my head but every time I try to use one it escapes and leaves me with nothing but a glimmer of how amazing it would have been if I'd manage to grab it.   
Anyway this months homework is to write a short story, essay or poem using the form of an instructional article, employing a step-by-step method, such as ‘how to know if you’re enlightened’ or ‘ten steps to losing your mind’. (taken from Jack Heffron's The Writer's Idea Book)

Friday 13 April 2012

Paper safe

Another Rob Ives project.  I find them very refreshing after all my essay writing and module reading.  This is his paper safe.  It took a couple of sessions to create it but I am very pleased with the outcome.  If it was just a little bigger it would be the perfect place to keep my Easter chocolate (you can seal the bottom compartment to people can't work out the combination).  Maybe one day I will try scaling it up.

Thursday 5 April 2012

Gift box with four compartments

With a little time off work for Easter and being up to date with my course work I decided to try another Rob Ives project.  This is his gift box with four compartments, which then folds up into a cover.  This is a pretty rough attempt but now I understand how it works I can have another go and smooth off the 'rough edges'.  I love boxes and think this is great. Any box that isn't quite what you expect gets my thumbs up.