Sunday 22 June 2014

Another knitted hat

A while ago, when it was still cold, I showed a friend my first attempt at a knitted hat.  They were suitably impressed and I promised to knit them one too.
It was still kinda cold by the time I'd finished knitting it, but I haven't seen them since.
However, today when it was nice and warm, we met up again and I could finally give him his hat.  He might have been happy with it, but I'm pretty sure its not really going to be worn for a while now.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

June Writers Group

How has a month already passed by?!
I couldn't attend this months writers group as I was attending ITIL training, however I still set the homework.  I hope to hear from them next month about what a good meeting it was.

Junes Homework:
Use the following as inspiration for a story or poem: ‘Write about a family secret.’

Monday 2 June 2014

A thin notebook

Last week I was asked to create a thin notepad.  I'm a bit tight with time at the moment so this was quite a nice challenge.  I've not made a book this thin before and this means there is no room for a hard spine.  It also means slightly less work to make, which meant I could fit it in to the time I had - it was quite a quick make.  Its always satisfying when something goes together so quickly.

Only a few months left then I'll finally be able to make a start on the huge list of things I want to work on including more books and some more paper.

(The cover is a close up of M.C. Escher's image 'Waterfall'.)