Saturday 21 April 2018

A Knitting Thimble

I am currently working on a big knitting project.  I'm very excited but due to stuff like work it is going to take me a little while to complete.  One problem I was having is this project is knitted in the round with a set of circular needles which are smaller and sharper than the one's I would normally use.  This means that my poor pointy finger is getting the brunt of it.  I started using a sticky plaster to protect my finger, which worked well, but it got soggy every time I had to wash my hands and it felt wasteful using one for just a few rounds an evening then throwing it away.  I had a look online but the best advice there was change the way you knit.  Seeing as I don't actually think there is anything wrong with how I knit I wasn't happy with this.  So I decided to make myself a knitting thimble.

I had some old chamois leather which is thin and soft, from another project years ago, so I wondered if that would do the job.  I used one of my plasters as a size guide then sewed it up.  
So now I have my very own knitting thimble which keeps my finger safe, slips on and off but allows me full movement of my finger and the sense of touch in the tip which is very important.
It moves around a little bit, so as I use it I may modify my design a bit, but as a first iteration I'm very pleased with it.  Here's to happy fingers.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Rainbow Window Star

I saw a rainbow window star on a blog somewhere, probably All Things Paper, a while ago and wanted to have a go - it looked so pretty.  Having received some waxed kite paper for Christmas I was ready, I just needed a long rainy weekend to have a go.

I followed Helen Hiebert's instructions and came up with this wonderful creation.  Mine is a bit bigger than she suggests, but I had a big window to fill.  
Having made this one I think it would be quite easy to make a more complex star.  I'll see how this one fairs in the sun.  I've chosen a window where it will get a bit of sun, but not full sun so hopefully it will last a while. 

You can't really see it in the photos, but even on a damp rainy day it seems to glow!  Love it.