Sunday 31 January 2016


I've been trying to draw more for a while now and while my massive wooly project continues and I only have a small amount of time for other creative things it seems the perfect time to do some sketching.  Small drawings that only take a couple of minutes, inspired by things I've seen - like the sharks on TV seen from underneath, or a sunrise on the way to work.  I'm not trying to make works of art, just get in the habit of drawing and seeing more.  What do you see?

Saturday 16 January 2016

UX Blog

Apparently I've been writing this blog for something like 8 years. Over that time I have used it as a way to keep motivated on my creative journey and I have to say I love writing these little posts.
I'm aware though that in recent months my interest in UX Design has been creeping in and while it is a creative endeavour, that's not what this blog is supposed to be about.
So over the Christmas holidays I created a new blog which is linked to my portfolio purely for posts about UX, leaving this one free for the wonderful world of wool, or paper or whatever I happen to be working on this week.
So if you are only here because of the UX or you are interested in reading my thoughts on UX please visit my new UX blog.
Normal service will commence here next week...

Saturday 9 January 2016

A strange Christmas present

Any ideas what this is?  No me either when I opened it on Christmas Day.  It came in a plain white box and everyone looked at me in expectation as I opened the lid.  Luckily they took pity on me and explained - it's a 'Wool Ball Holder'.  Of course!
As the instructions say, "This support rotates on the base and allows the ball to unwind by itself.  Simply slide the ball on the edge and knit quietly, without fear of knots."

I wasn't sure what I thought, but I've just started a big project and tried it out with my first ball of wool.  So far so good.  It sure beats having your ball of wool run off across the room, gathering all the dust and muck it can find.  Thank you Mother-in-Law!
I have several big knitting projects I'd like to work on this year so the Wool Ball Holder has come at just the right time.  To give you an idea of the first project here is all the wool I will need!  I will of course post about it once I have something to show. 

Friday 1 January 2016

Paper Corydoras

It's been a bit wooly on here recently so lets start the new year with something paper.

I stumbled across these guys on PaperCraftSquare which seems to have a huge array of paper models to download and make.  I love tropical fish and couldn't resist the chance to make my own.

I think they came out really well and certainly look similar to the real thing, if maybe a little bigger.  Any smaller and I think they would have been very hard to put together.
So Happy New Year!  I'm hoping 2016 will be as successful as 2015 but maybe a little more creative.  What about you?


In their new home