Monday 31 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 13

I've done a lot of baking over the last week or so, not that I mind.  On Christmas morning, before taking Milo for a 4 mile run, I made a Lemon Meringue Pie to take with us for Christmas dinner.  It was a very simple recipe and came out really well although I don't think it would last very long (not that it got the chance).
Later in the week I made an Italian Currant Cake which came out very nicely, even if all the currants sank to the bottom.  

There are still many recipes left to try out in 2019! 


Lemon Meringue Pie:  Very nice and easier than some recipes I've tried.  Does need to be eaten on the day as it doesn't last very well.

Italian Currant Cake:  Really tasty, even with all the currants sunk to the bottom.  'im outdoors said its one of the best fruit cakes he's had.

Thursday 27 December 2018

Crochet Christmas Angels

You know how it is, Christmas is nearly here and you accidentally see a cute crochet angel pattern which you know would go down really well with your mum and mother-in-law and so end up crocheting angels when you should have been doing other stuff!
In the end I made 4 of Priscilla's Crochet Granny Square Angels and they came out really well. They were very simple to make except the crochet arms and halos which I needed some help with from my mate Lou - once she'd pointed me in the right direction it was easy.
I hung them on our tree while I waited to give them - I didn't know how else to keep them safe - they are happiest hanging.
And I think they went down well too - my sister even hung her's straight on her tree although it didn't match the other ornaments! Happy Christmas!

Sunday 23 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 12

This week I made a Chocolate Chestnut Log and had another go at the Orange Marzipan Cake.  As you can see the orange marzipan cake turned out much better this time, mostly due to lining the sides of the cake tin as well as the bottom - something I don't normally bother doing.  However it still had a hollow center.

The chocolate chestnut log was weird to make - no cooking involved.  It's more of a mousee than a cake, much to 'im outdoors disappointment. ("there's no cake in this cake!")
Still it came out well.  I'll be interested to see how it lasts the week.


Chocolate Chestnut Log: This wasn't very nice and no one wanted to eat it.  It ended up in the bin.

Orange Marzipan Cake: This is a very nice cake and I will be making it again.

Sunday 16 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 11

I didn't have very much time this week so I only made the one cake, a French and Flourless Chocolate Cake.  It was pretty straight forward to make but burnt a bit on top - must remember to move the oven shelf down a little when making big cakes like this.
Once it was out of the oven it sank but this was expected, then melted chocolate was poured over it.
It was quite like a chocolate brownie with that gooey middle and crisp outer.  Not sure if this will change over the week. 
Back to festive cakes next week! 

French and Flourless Chocolate Cake: This was so good and lasted the week really well.  Still as gooey and nice at the end of the week as at the beginning.  I'll defiantly be making this one again.

Sunday 9 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 10

This week I made a Christmas Cake and some Date Madeleines.  The date madelines aren't in the festive section but I wanted something a little lighter to go with the cake.  I could have made mince pies, but making gluten free pastry is hard and although I've got a very good GF recipe the whole point of mince pies is the pastry and they would just be disappointing.

They were both pretty simple to make and came out well, although the christmas cake did stick to the wire cooling rack and I thought it was going to break up when I tried to move it.  So far 'im outdoors seems happy, lets see what he thinks at the end of the week.

Christmas Cake: Much like a Christmas cake really.  Lasted the week well and 'im outdoors liked it.  A bit too heavy for me. 

Date Madeleines: Think I prefer madeleines without the dates.  Still tasted nice but didn't last very well.  'im outdoors didn't mind finishing them off.

Saturday 8 December 2018

A Little Leather Jewellery Bag

I've started working in Bournemouth now, which means I tend to drive down there and then go for a run, meaning I miss some of the traffic later on.  It also means I have a shower at the office.  The only problem I've found with this is how to take my jewellery with me?

It's very easy to loose a pair of ear rings or necklace if you are not super careful so I decided to make myself a little bag that everything can go in and travel safely to work with me.  In the end I used an off cut of chamois leather which is beautifully soft on the inside but pretty tough.  And I made a little pocket so necklace can go one side and ear rings the other.
The only problem so far is that Milo things it smells divine and keeps trying to steal it to chew.

Sunday 2 December 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 9

This week I started the Festive Baking section by attempted to make an Orange Marzipan Cake and Cranberry-mince Shortcake.  While the Shortcake came out very well and is tasty if a little soft, the Marzipan Cake didn't go so well.  
I thought it was cooked ok and bought it out to cool.  Once cooled I tried to turn it out, however it had over ideas and the soft middle which was still pretty warm pored out and the rest of it stayed in the tin.
Part of the problem was that the biscuity base and marzipan had welded themselves to the tin and I had to chip them out with a knife! 
So I ended up with a hollow sponge piece and then a chewy bottom.  It actually tastes really nice so its a shame it didn't come out right.  I guess next time I could butter the tin better or actually line the sides with paper. 
Considering how many cakes I make, I can't really be upset when one goes this wrong - it doesn't happen very often.

Orange Marzipan Cake: This was so nice, just the wrong shape.  Think I will have to attempt this again to see what it's like in correct cake form.  Didn't last the week because 'im outdoors ate it all!

Cranberry-mince Shortcake: Ok, but a bit soft. Couldn't be eaten without a plate.  Lasted the week ok.