Wednesday 20 February 2013

February's writers group

Last months homework was about your favourite bus route so we had lots of stories and poems about journeys.  I actually had an idea for a story and started writing, but didn't have time to finish it for the meeting.  Maybe for the next meeting.

This months homework:  Pick a phrase or motto that has particular significance for you, use it as a starting point for a story or poem.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Pop up elephant

I've never really understood Valentines Day.  I like to show my love all year round, not just on the day the card company's what to make a profit.  We exchanged cards today.  What better way to show I love him than with a hand made card and a pop up elephant curtsey of Rob Ives?  Shame I stuck its legs on upside down - never mind if I don't say anything no one will notice.

Saturday 9 February 2013

AfterShokz earphones

As I'm starting to push my running mileage up, so I've started to wish for something to liven my runs up a little.  A little music would be perfect, but I am also aware of how unsafe running with earphones in is.  Then I saw these, and 'im outdoors was kind enough to give them to me for my birthday.  AfterShokz aren't like normal earphones, rather than sitting in your ear, they sit outside it and you 'hear' the music through your bones.  It does sound crazy but they worked a treat.  I could hear my music but also the car coming up behind me and a woodpecker too.  
I don't normal write reviews of produces but these blew me away.  If you want a safe way to listen to your music while out running or cycling these are perfect.