Sunday 27 February 2011

My New Travel Blog

Well I finally decided what to do about my journal of our trip to Egypt.
Rather than wasting time trying to fix a problem uploading photos onto a site that doesn’t do what I want it to, I decided to move all my travels on to a self created blog.
When I travel, I normally stay away from technology, either because there isn’t any like during my trips to the Namibian desert or the Amazonian Rainforest, or because I’d rather experience the local culture and forget day to day life for a bit.
This means that I didn’t want a site that I am expected to update as I travel across a country, rather somewhere to write up what we did afterwards as a memory of the trip.  I think this gives you time to think about your trip and share the best bits with your friends and family, rather than feeling pressured to write something when all you’re really doing it chilling in a hammock.
I love travelling and love telling everyone all about my trip.  I’d love to be a travel writer, always off somewhere new to find great places for people to visit.  But at the same time I’m a home bod, and couldn’t leave ‘im outside behind and doubt he’d be able to leave the landscaping for long.
So I compromised, with our yearly? trips and my travel blog.

Monday 21 February 2011

Christmas beads reused

You may remember that last year I received a very pretty beady necklace for Christmas but I found I wasn’t wearing it very much.
Then when I was looking round etsy a couple of weeks ago I happened to find another very pretty bead and a simple leather bracelet to put it on at Meesmerel’s shop.
So now I’ve got another way to wear my beads.  
These may not be beads or a bracelet that I’ve made, but they are all handmade and beautiful.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Missing: One Memory Stick (again)

We had my first writers group of the new year today.  As I was away in Egypt for the last meeting Martin chaired and it sounds like he did a fab job.
Today’s meeting was small, but it did mean that everyone got to read their work out in full which was great.  A radio comedy, a short story based on the homework, the beginnings of a novella (based in the war hammer world) and the 3rd part of a banker’s novel.  All great fun.

But annoying I’ve lost (meaning probably left it at home) my memory stick again.  This is more annoying than normal as I actually had worked on a short story which I could have read out at the meeting.
I know what I’ve done.  I was working hard on TMA04 last night and although I would swear I took it out of my machine at home and put it in my handbag, its probably still sitting in the USB port.  I really hope it is anyway.
Anyone got any bright ideas on how I can keep it with me?  
It’s easily the 3rd time in 3 months that I’ve done this.

This month’s homework – to continue from the following sentence:

There was no time to think as she felt the cold steel of the knife…

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Egypt, what to do?

Amongst the catching up of OU work and the tidying up after birthday celebrations (mostly by eating cake) I’ve finally written up my journal of our trip to Egypt. Except I can’t get my photos to load, even though I’ve done it many times before.

This kinda makes the whole thing very dull and text based and we all know that the worst web pages are the ones with no pictures.

So now I have to decide if I can be bothered to work out what the hell is wrong with my photos, or move to a different site. There are many to choose from, and quite a lot of them have a nicer interface and finished result than the site that I have been using. But said site does have all my travels on it right back to 2003 when I went on my first adventure to Namibia! Moving will mean some work. Of course the other option is to make a new blog, just for my travels, a tempting idea, but once again something that will take some time.

While I think about it, and find some time, you can look at photos from Egypt on my flickr page.

We were lucky enough to have a great holiday and to get home before all the troubles started. Our thoughts are with everyone we met while out there.