Saturday 22 August 2020

Knit, Steek and Cuddle Cushion

When I was clearing out my study to make room for the new chest of drawers, I came across a cushion pad that I'd sort of forgotten about.  As soon as I found it I knew exactly which project it was bought for - the really cute Knit, Steek and Cuddle cushion.

I can't remember where I found the patter but the delivery note says I bought the cushion in 2017!  I except I chickened out once I found out it was knitted in the round and included steeking (cutting your round knitting to make a flat piece).

But I've learnt more skills since then and although I'd not done a steek before, knitting in the round no longer holds any fear for me.  And actually while I was a little nervous about cutting my knitting, once I found out that you reinforced the cut line with crochet I wasn't too worried about that either.


And not only did I learn how to steek I also learnt how to do an i-cord bind off and how to use an i-cord bind off to create buttonholes.  Skills I am sure I will use in the future.  And I made more space in my study.  Win win! 

I used Stylecraft Special double knit in white, cloud blue, denim and midnight and actually really enjoyed the knitting.  It's made in three pieces which are then sewn together.  So while I really enjoyed the knitting I hated the sewing together.  It just seemed to take forever and I couldn't seem to get it to look nice.

Now it's all done I am so happy with this cushion cover.  I think the pattern is so pretty, I love the colours and I could happily have the back on show as much as the front.  It will make a lovely addition to the family of cushions slowly taking over the front bay window seat, although I think Milo will have something to say about this, that also being his favorite seat.