Thursday 26 December 2013

Slouchy wool hat

Rib and stripes - the easy bit

With stripy triangles to finish the top of the hat


So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted a slouchy wooly hat.  But could I find one I liked?  Of course not!  Then it occurred to me - I could knit one.
So with the help of my good friend Katie and some books from the library, I've done it.
I started with some rib, then made stripes by switching between stocking stitch.  This was the easy bit and done by the beginning of the week, and then I had to ask Katie's advice on how to finish.  Advice came just in time for me to take my knitting to the Family Christmas Dinner, and rather than be bored in the afternoon, I managed to finish the knitting side of things.  Once home I stitched it all together and a hat was born.
I am so pleased with it.  Its exactly how I wanted it and yet I just made it up.  I love that it came from my own fair hands.  I really can't wait to make some more stuff and try out more stitches. Thanks Katie!

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Last Creative Writers of the year

Today we had the last meeting of the year for the Creative Writers group.  
As many of the members are also members of the Poetry group, which meets the week after, and as that would be Christmas Eve we decided to mix the groups together.
What a success!  It was a really good meeting with a lovely mix of poems and stories and even a hymn (which was sung).  And there was Christmas food.
I didn't have anything to read, but I have at least started a new story and I have the idea for a second.  Progress.

No homework this month, but I suggested that if anyone had time for writing they could either use one of the homework's from the past year that they had missed or they could go back to one they had done and review it.

Sunday 15 December 2013

craft&design magazine

I love a competition.  I don't often win, I'm lucky in other ways, but I still love to enter them.  (I love a survey too.)
So imagine my surprise when I received an email to tell me I'd won a years subscription to craft&design magazine along with a wall planner and calendar.  All from a tweet I'd see on Twitter.  
Yesterday my first issue arrive and although I haven't had a chance to read very much of it, the images look amazing.  If nothing else I rather think I'm in for a very inspiring year.
Thanks craft&design magazine.  I can't wait to have a proper read.

Monday 9 December 2013


I love boxes.  And I love making them.  So when, while browsing the web for wedding things, I came across these designs I couldn't wait to give them ago.  Only problem was that when I printed them off they were too small, but this was soon fixed with a little creative photocopying.
There were something like 10 different designs but either they weren't very good designs in the first place or the photocopying messed them up and so they didn't all work.  My favourite design (below) looks great but I can't get the last two tabs down without ripping the card.  Its quite disappointing.  When I have some more time maybe I'll see if I can correct them.

Sunday 1 December 2013

Woollen experimentation

Years and years ago my Dad taught me how to knit.  But although I knew about pearl and plain I didn't know anything else and I just forgot about it.  Every so often I'd think 'I really should learn how to knit again', but I'd never do anything about it.
Then (a couple of weeks ago) I decided I wanted a wooly hat, but I couldn't find any I liked and the one I did I can't get in the UK.  And I suddenly thought - I could make one!

Cue my good friend Katie.  We've been friends for a good 10 years and throughout this time she has always been knitting.  What I like best about Katie's knitting is that while she can and does read patterns, she is happy to try out her ideas without a pattern (her llamas are amazing).  This is my sort of creating.  So over she came for the afternoon, and once we had some wool and some needles we got started.  So far I'm just practicing but if you look (hard) at the above photo you can see the start of some ribs.
This is going to take time and practice and as yet I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it, but I know that Katie will be there ready to help when I need it.  That is, after all, what good friends are all about - I hope I can repay the favour some time.