Saturday 2 November 2019

Paprika Mustard Classic Knitted Cardigan in Platinum

So earlier this year I knitted myself a cardigan.  It went well but I wasn't sure about the colour and then my Mum saw it so it found another home.  But I still wanted a cardigan, and with a new job coming up and a little time off I suddenly had some time to have another go.

This time I used King Cole Glitz Chunky in platinum.  It's a lovely light grey with silver flecks and it's really soft.  Going up from Aran to Chunky made the cardigan a little bigger too, which I love.  

At the last Thread festival at the Farnham Maltings I had come across some beautiful butterfly buttons by Kate Holliday.  They are ceramic with butterflies printed? on them.  They are so wonderful I bought 8 with this cardigan project in mind.

 While I was happy with the purple cardigan, I absolutely LOVE this one.  Its exactly what I was aiming for and it's soft, warm and comfortable and will look great over a dress or jeans.  I am so glad I had another go.