Saturday 30 July 2016

Frida's Flower Blanket part 7

It might have taken a little longer than I'd hoped but here is part 7 of the Frida Flower Blanket done! The photos doesn't do it justice - its full of pretty colours.

 So now the center is filled the blanket sits much better. All that is left is to go round and edge it.  I will need to find a cool day to do that as the blanket can get pretty warm, which is good as that is its purpose.

 I actually really like the back of this one as it looks like a rainbow! However the front is pretty too and with all the other squares it looks grand.

With just the edging to do I'm going to have to start thinking about what my next project should be.  I have a massive list but I think a break from crochet might be nice...

Sunday 17 July 2016

Frida's flower blanket part 6

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted on here.  Time has really flown!
There are a few reasons, for instance, after 2 years of being married I finally found the time to get all the photos printed and get them stuck into an album.  It's still not quite finished but much closer than it has been.  

There is also another project we've been working on, but that one will have to wait a bit longer before I can declare it.
But in the background I've continued with my crochet, although at a much slower rate than I had been.  

So as design 8, the final part of the Frida's Flower Blanket, was released this week I finally finished part 6.  Better late than never right.  I think this pattern is my favourite so far and looking at the promo photos its the one that attracted me to the project in the first place.  It's also the biggest needing 6 full squares, which has slowed me down a bit too.

Things are going to be slower on here this summer, but I will still post when I can and I will finish the Frida blanket, after all it is so close now how could I not!