Sunday 24 September 2017

A chest of drawers

My beautiful new chest of drawers
Months ago, when we were just moving into the new house, and I was just starting out on my adventures with Gumtree, a friend sent me the link to a blog post about a lady buying an antique mirror on craigslist.  This post really is worth the read if you have time.
At the time I laughed hard and then forgot about it.
But this week I had cause to remember that post and wonder if I am starting down a similar path.  Surely not?

As we work though the house renovating and decorating I am then trying to find things that fit with the house.  This includes new lamp shades, a belfast sink and this week a chest of drawers.
In the new house we have a little more room than in the flat, and within this extra living room space, I want to make a little area with a nice arm chair and chest of drawers were I could read a book out of 'im outdoors way when he's playing Xbox.
The chest of drawers would be useful for storing all my running lights and the dog paraphernalia while also being a good place for placing a cup of tea.

Next to a dining room chair to show just how small it is
 So I've been keeping an eye on Gumtree to see if anything comes up.  You would not believe how many chests of drawers get posted everyday!  Some are pretty nice, others not so much.  But it was after thinking that a 2 hour drive to get a used chest of drawers was not a big deal that I suddenly remembered that blog post.
Arriving and finding that the chest was a bit smaller than I had thought, but still beautiful and perfect, I kinda felt bad for making 'im outdoors drive 2 hours in his truck with me and the dog, to pick up a chest of drawers that would have fitted in my mini, but at the same time I can't help but feel very chuffed at my find and how perfect it is.
Now I just have to find an arm chair to match it...