Wednesday 30 December 2015

Another bear

Every time my mum meets one of the bears I've made for someone else she tries to steal it.  "He's so cute," she exclaims, "I want one!"  So for Christmas I made her one of her own. 

I would have liked to make him a jumper like my first bear, seeing as I know he's going to be living on a building site for a bit (my parents are renovating their house) and I know it will be cold there but I only just had time to finish him, never mind a jumper too.  At least he is a wooly bear - that should help.  Hopefully any more bears I make will be safe from her clutches now!

If you know a charity which could do with some friendly knitted bears please let me know.  I love knitting them, but want them to have a purpose.  If they can go out into the world and help make someone's life a little better I think that would be a pretty good purpose.

Thursday 24 December 2015

Lester the Lion

I've been knitting again (mostly as a stress buster while studying).  It's another pattern from HuggableBears called Lester the Lion, and while I've been wanting to try this pattern out for a while this particular Lester will be going to another set of friends who have just had a baby.

Except for his nose seeming to be a little wonky I think he came out really well.  I've never tried knitting the the eye lash wool before (his mane and tail) but it wasn't that bad - the hardest part was finding lion coloured wool!  
He's about the same size as the bear's I've been making, but with much bigger paws and a nice long tail.  I hope William Leonard Ashley likes him.

Sunday 13 December 2015

A Christmas wreath

Its been a little busy these past few weeks, what with job searching, interviews, starting a new job as a Junior UX Designer and getting everything ready for Christmas.
So in the past where I've made my own Christmas wreaths, there just hasn't been any time this year.  However a friends daughter has just started her own floristry business, Briar Rose Floral Design, and so I very happily purchased one from her.
She had a few to choose from, but I love this design the most.  Very simple and clean, but also a beautiful mix of colours.  I can't wait to see what other displays she creates.