Tuesday 16 July 2013

July writers group

My home computer has finally given up the ghost after 7 years of essay writing.  Maybe it knew my results were about to be published and my degree announced!  Or more likely it feels I have been ignoring it since May.

But even with my home computer out of action I still managed to write something for this months meeting.  At the last meeting I set the homework to write about somewhere you love but don't get to visit often.  We had quite a range of places interestingly all in the UK.

This has always been my favourite beach, although I don't get to visit that often.  To be honest I love the whole of this coast line and know it well.
This time, for once, we have perfect weather, sunny with a light breeze.  
When I was a child I loved to stand under the evergreen trees near the other car park, the busy one, and pretend I was in some tropical place.  The dark green leaves against deep blue sky with light blue water and golden beach was perfect.
We are on the other side today.  The side with all the beach huts and the long walk to put people off.  Of course you could get the boat but its still just a little too hard for some people, and it is Friday so quiet anyway.  We nearly have a section of beach to ourselves.  
Today I am sun bathing, not something I do often.  Laying on my front I can see sand and salt grass and the sky.  I have to sit up to see the beach huts.  On my back I can see out across the bay to the Island, across deep blue water, calm today but not always so.  If we wondered down the beach and round the head it would be a different matter.
And then he gets down on one knee and asked my the question and showed me a shiny silver ring with a huge sparkle in the centre. With tears on my face I say yes.

This will always be my favourite beach.

As you can see recent events managed to get themselves into mine, but it is a real beach and one I really do love.

This months homework:
Describe in detail one item you would love to inherit from a relative or that you have inherited.  Use this item in a story or poem.  (borrowed from The One-Minute Writer)

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Change of plan

Last weekend we had a trip to the beach.  The weather was beautiful, the setting was beautiful and 'im outdoors made it perfect by asking me to marry him.  What could I say but yes.
Suddenly the list of things to do has changed considerably, so expect to see more wedding based projects up here while my other projects once again take a back seat.

Thursday 4 July 2013

Repairing a book

Just before I finished Lola a friend asked me if I could rebind his book for him.  I said yes of course, but did warn him that I would be busy for the next month and he would have to wait.  The answer - no problem.  
After a weeks work it is done and I have to say I am very happy with the end result.  I hope he is too.

A well loved book

Using paste to remove the old binding

The new cover


Waiting for the paste to set

A new lease of life