Wednesday 31 October 2012

Play Dough

This weekend after a month of Lola I've got my first Day School.  I'm pretty excited; the list of things to bring didn't include one book, unless you count a sketch pad!  One of the suggested things to bring was some play dough, and as I'm always up for learning new things, I had a go at making my own.  There are loads of recipes on the web but I liked this one best as you don't have to cook the dough.  It was mega easy to make and maybe next time I'll add some glitter.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Writing inspiration

The writers group meeting last week was really good - we had quite a few turn up so lots to listen to.

The homework I set was: What are you fascinated by?  Maybe you don’t even like it, maybe it grosses you out, maybe you adore it….. Write about it as a short story or poem. (borrowed from the one minute writer)

However I've found something else far more inspiring.  'im outdoors' truck has been messed about with again, this time they took half a tank of fuel, about £50 worth, along with his filler cap.  This is the 4th incident this year.  It makes me so angry, which isn't great but I'm enjoying writing about what I would like to do to them if I ever caught them.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Person shape

Finally AA312 Total War and Social Change is finish with the exam last week.  Result should come out just before Christmas.  
So now I need to catch up with Lola - I'm about a week behind.  And what fun I've had so far.  Normally an exercise in an OU module consists of answering a question about whatever you have been reading about, so maybe something to do with Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini then with AA312; I've never been asked to draw round someone with masking tape before. Brilliant.
Of course now we have the problem of not wanting to pull him up.  We shouldn't have named him.

Friday 5 October 2012

Already feeling left behind

Lola doesn’t start until tomorrow and yet the forum is already filled with people doing things and posting photos and learning how to use the special software, while I’m stuck revising welfare policies across Europe in 1912.
The exam is next Thursday and I’m starting to feel left behind on Lola already, even thought it hasn’t started yet!  Why does everyone have to be so enthusiastic?

However someone put up a link to this video - 'the greatest creative professional design advice I have ever received' and I can’t help but think I’ll be in good hands here.  I know exactly what he means, and I am hoping that Design Thinking will help me to move forward.