Sunday 31 October 2021

The Sky Blanket - October


The blankets getting really big now.  To the point where I've started waiting until I've got maybe 3 or 4 squares ready before sewing them in.  It's a bit unwieldy.


I also used it for the first time this weekend.  We were watching a film and I was feeling cold.  I didn't want to pause the film while I went to find a blanket - it was right there on the coffee table - why not use it.  And it did a beautiful job.

And we had the 4th rainbow of the project.  I was so sure there would be more, but then I guess that is part of the beauty of a rainbow - they aren't that common, so they feel special when you see one.


Not long until its finshed.  I hope I can fit all my Christmas projects in round it.

Sunday 3 October 2021

Sea Spray Kumihimo Bracelet


I decided this summer that I would like to make my friend a kumihimo bracelet for her birthday.  Knowing she doesn't like waste and recycles nearly everything, I decided to make it from only things I found in my bead box.

I've got lots of different beads in my bead box and I can't remember where most of them have come from.  Some are obviously the remains of other projects while others were bought for ideas or projects that never happened.


As I looked at them I found three different beads that were perfect together.  Two tiny seed beads, one in pale green and one a darker blue/green, and a larger opaque set of beads from a necklace I made years ago.


The colours of these three sat so well together and put me in mind of the sea, as clouds hurry past.  Quick gleams of turquoise as the sun comes out and dull again as the cloud hides the sun.  Many of my friends holidays are spent near or in the sea and I thought she would like these colours too.

But I hadn't played with different sized beads before.  So I had a look in my kumihimo book before setting my beads out and having a go.

I am so cuffed with the result.  The colours sit so well together as do the different sized beads.  I was fully expecting to undo it and try a different pattern or give up on the different sizes but its perfect.  I'm very tempted to keep it for myself!  I hope she likes it.

Note: she did like it and it did fit!  She said the beads felt like small pebbles which also matches the sea theme.