Sunday 11 September 2016

Giving blood

When I was 10 I ended up in hospital after an accident with some hot water.
At the time there was talk of me needing a blood transfusion, but in the end I thankfully didn’t need it.  However once I’d recovered a bit and finally understood just how ill I’d been I vowed that once I was old enough I would donate blood.  I think as a 10 year old that was all I could think of to repay the services of the staff who had looked after me for a month or so. (The running/walking/skipping long distances for sponsorship thing didn’t seem so prevalent in 1991.)

In 1998, when the National Blood Service turned up at my school and gave a talk to the 6th Form about giving blood, I realised I was now just about old enough to, at last, donate. There was a session in town the very next day and off I went to give my first ‘pint’.

And I’ve kept going back.  I don’t particularly like the bit with the needle, but knowing that blood was there if I needed it all those years ago, and wanting to make sure there is still blood there if anyone else needs it, keep me going.  That and the free biscuits.

And so this summer I hit 50 donations.  That’s a lot of blood. My only wish is that it has all gone to help people who have needed it and it has improved their lives.  For such a simple thing, just an hour of my time, it has such a big impact.

I’ll keep going, maybe you’d like to join me?  And maybe I can get to 100 before I have to stop.

Sunday 4 September 2016

Tree fern paper

What better use for a Bank Holiday weekend than to make a little paper? 

 I haven't done any paper making for ages, but 'im outdoors had collected some fronds from the tree fern in our garden last year and I thought I'd have a go using these.

They turned out to be a lot tougher than I'd thought they'd be (even after boiling for a couple of hours) and so the fibers didn't really break down in the way I had hoped.  But it still made some pretty paper with little bits of the fronds still being visible. 

 I didn't have time to make as much as normal, but its still good to keep your hand in and I quite like the result.