Monday 1 December 2008

Ascending or Descending?

As I was moving things about in my room last week, I came across a bunch of old calendars from about 10 odd years ago. I’m rubbish at throwing things away, especially if they have pretty pictures on them, so they’d been put to one side. They include fanatic photos of deserts, world photos and drawings by Escher. Looking at them now I suddenly realised they would be perfect for covering my books, so I had a go.
The one above is my first attempt. It’s a drawing by M.C.Escher called Ascending and Descending. The paper it is printed on is perfect as it is nice and strong, and I think the drawing its self makes for an interesting cover.
I look forward to trying out the other calendars.

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Henry the Dog said...

That drawing makes me think of Hogwarts on the Harry Potter movies, don't know why. Mum likes stuff like that. By the way, thanks for popping over to mine:)