Tuesday 15 December 2009

The Last Writers Group

Today was the last Writers Group Meeting with Anne as chair.
A sad day for all. We’re still not 100% sure how we will go forward in the New Year.

But first we had to celebrate the time we’ve had with Anne.
When she first announced that she would have to stand down there were a lot of emails from the members of the group wondering how we could show our appreciation for her hard work. We finally decided that putting together some of the work we had completed under her guidance as a reminder might be nice.
As I had nothing else to do I thought I would take this on.
The selection of poems and short stories which I received were stunning, meaning in the end our little ‘anthology’ is a good 27 pages long.
I formatted it and turned it into a little A5 booklet which everyone was very pleased with.
But even with presenting the ‘anthology’ to Anne and eating many mince pies she still managed to get some work out of us.

First we folded our paper to make 8 squares. In the left hand 4 we wrote nouns, for instance a stapler or a car. In the right hand 4 we wrote sentences beginning with ‘is’ to describe the noun, for instance 'is something to attach paper together' or 'is a vehicle to make me free'.
We then cut the paper in half and gave the sentences to the person on the right of us. Then taking our favourite noun and sentence we started to write.

A bottle of gin is what you get when you stick your finger in an electric socket.
Well that’s what happened to me. Of course I didn’t mean to put my finger in the socket, it was an accident as I unplugged the hover. One minute I’m doing house work the next I find my self laying on the sofa with a strange buzzing going through my body and my husband standing in front of me with a bottle of gin in his hand.
And what I’m really thinking is Silly goat, doesn’t he know that I don’t like gin, why doesn’t he bring the brandy.
But you can’t say that, after all he looked worried. I’m not sure why. It was only a little shock; I’ve had worse off the electric fence before now.

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