Thursday 8 April 2010

Took Me Long Enough

I don’t know if you remember, but over a year ago now I bought some beads from Linden Avenue Designs on Etsy. I loved the colours and bought them on impulse without really knowing that to do with them. Then we moved house, and I started studying A363 and so they got put to one side for a bit.
But I have been thinking about them and so with two weeks off work for Easter I’ve finally made the necklace that I wanted.
I know it looks simple – just thread them on the wire, but I actually had to drill the holes as they were really tiny, but that wasn’t a problem with my little multi tool.

What I love best about them is the fact you can change the colours, so if you’re wearing blue you could have a blue necklace, red and it’s red and so on. Or all of them for something brilliant and cheerful.
Thanks to ShortForNothing for taking the photos!

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