Tuesday 17 April 2012

April Writers Group

Today the Writers Group met.  No prize for guessing that once again I had nothing to read out.  But this week I really should have had something, even if it wasn't related to the homework.  
I've spent my Easter break doing all sorts of things and feeling really inspired but I never got past this feeling to an idea to write about.  I find this happens quite often and is really frustrating.  I find myself buzzing with 'inspiration' but can't find the outlet, whether it be a story or drawing or just making something.  It feels like there are hundreds of ideas in my head but every time I try to use one it escapes and leaves me with nothing but a glimmer of how amazing it would have been if I'd manage to grab it.   
Anyway this months homework is to write a short story, essay or poem using the form of an instructional article, employing a step-by-step method, such as ‘how to know if you’re enlightened’ or ‘ten steps to losing your mind’. (taken from Jack Heffron's The Writer's Idea Book)

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