Monday 21 October 2013

Guildford Book Festival volunteering

This weekend I've been busy helping at the Guildford Book Festival.
I've handed out clipboards and paper to children, tidied the Green Room and guarded the books while the bookseller went to retrieve some from another venue.
I've enjoyed it so far with one more evening to go, although the festival continues until Sunday.  
My two favourite parts have been 1. watching Alex Scarrow talking to his young fans while signing books for them - it didn't seem to matter what age they were or how scarily keen they were, he took the time to really listen to what they had to say and have photos taken. And 2. being allowed to watch Chris Brookmyer and Mark Billingham for free - payment enough for volunteering.  Chris is one of my top 5 authors (Stephen King tops the bill) and as a budding writer it is always great to hear from 'real' authors.
I'm looking forward to helping out with the roving mikes tomorrow, but I'll also be glad of  some free time again.

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