Saturday 11 March 2017

A laptop sock

At Christmas my sister asked me if I could knit her a 'bag' for her laptop.  It didn't need to protect it from falls or big bumps, more from scratches in her bag as she travels to and from work.

We took measurements but I wasn't really sure where to start.  Then I found this lovely King Cole Glitz Chunky in platinum.  It has silver threads running through it.  Its also super soft.  

Still being very unsure of sizes I made a tension square to see how big my rib would come up.  From this we worked out how wide it would need to be.  Too tight and she wouldn't be able to get the laptop in it and too loose and it would just fall off.

But as you can see it worked perfectly.  Tight enough to get a good grip of the laptop and give it a good hug so it shouldn't come off in her bag.  I think she was pretty pleased with it too.  It was a nice little project to work on as the chunky knitted up quickly and was lovely and soft to work with.

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